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It’s relatively easy to get into sales; however, becoming and staying successful, is a whole other story.

All sales professionals have a process they apply to succeed – they don’t just “wing it”. However, the best of the best, who are commonly referred to as Rainmakers, whether they are an engineer, scientist, architect, accountant, lawyer, consultant, or other professional, refuse to join the race to the bottom and sell on low price and discounts. They know their value and are able to build and maintain profitable relationships by offering exceptional value. They also have a sales and business development process they apply to consistently achieve results regardless of market conditions and changing trends. These are the top performers that are committed to ongoing growth, learning and development and staying on top!

If you are dedicated to ongoing improvement of your skills and gaining an advantage over your competitors, become a part of the myKISON community. You cannot access the myKISON program or access the Sales Diamond™ anywhere else! Join the select group of individuals and companies that have realized significant increases in their business and profitability; increased confidence to secure new business, many in the millions of dollars, by applying our proprietary sales and business development process.

Personal development and ongoing learning is not an option or a luxury – it is essential for success in selling and life!


There are a wide range of typical outcomes from completing the program both personal and professional. The following list provides an overview, which is representative of the outcomes many users have realized:

  1. Understanding how sales and the marketing mix must be aligned and leveraged to maximize promotional efforts and client contact
  2. The critical role of ethics in selling and why they are the foundation for building trust based relationships
  3. How to maximize and leverage the power of social media to build their personal and/or corporate brand and reputation
  4. The importance of acquiring the “professional” mindset and developing the skill set required to be a rainmaker
  5. Developing a personal branding and promotion strategy to help you make the most important sale of all – YOU!
  6. Understanding the difference between “Time Management“ versus “Priority Management” and applying the appropriate techniques of each to maximize effectiveness and increase personal success
  7. Creating and a business networking map to maximize existing relationships and to identify new sectors or markets for business development
  8. Understanding how identify and effectively engage and leverage decision makers, influencers and gate keepers to go upstream within a client organization, industry or sector
  9. Prospecting and account penetration strategies to develop leads
  10. How to rank clients to establish contact frequency and preferred connection strategy
  11. Determine appropriate contact and service levels based on client requirements, potential and profitability
  12. Engagement and connection strategies and techniques for face-to face selling, email, telephone and social media
  13. Knowing when and how to disengage or fire unprofitable customers to increase personal effectiveness and actually improve your brand and reputation in the process
  14. Utilizing the power of effective discovery questions to effectively identify customer requirements, concerns and motivators
  15. Guidelines for presenting customized value-based solutions and options that address customer requirements
  16. Strategies to “close the sale” by securing commitment and leading the client to an informed buying decision without being “salesy’
  17. The critical importance and positive impact and value of effective post-sales or project follow-up to build relationships and ensure client satisfaction and loyalty


Results and outcomes can vary and are dependent on personal effort and commitment. However, given more than two decades of companies and individuals applying the concepts from the program, not to mention our own application of the concepts to build a successful business, we know the system it works. We would be happy to provide names and contact information of current users for your reference.

  • Improved financial results
  • Making sales a valued and respected business skill within the company
  • Increased confidence to challenge, lead and support clients to higher levels of success
  • Sales framework to follow ensuring consistent client engagement leading to greater sales results
  • Following a plan and Strategy to maximize personal effectiveness
  • Applying the Sales Diamond™, a proven sales model, rather than winging it and hoping for results
  • Understanding how to reach decision makers and engage them in order to obtain more business and share of client business
  • Earn the right to do business
  • Be able to develop rapport and trust more quickly and effectively
  • Increase your capacity to build new business and maintain clients


The myKISON Selling System utilizes 4 pillars, or building blocks, to help you become successful in sales and BD:

  1. Plan – You need a plan! Step one defines specific, measurable goals and objectives that drive all sales activities and create an action plan to guide implementation leading to success. This phase will assist you to know where you are going and what to expect on the journey.
  2. Process – The Kison Sales Diamond™ – provides a proven model and framework to “Earn the Right” to “Secure the Commitment”. This is not your typical sales talk or pitch language because this leads to non-typical results. Step up and beyond those that are applying old school win/lose tactics to make the sale. The Sales Diamond process provides you with a framework to apply a logical process to engage your prospects and clients and guide them to making an informed, value based buying decision.
  3. Skills – Develop the finer skills of communication – active listening, reading body language, and understanding varying personality styles to build trust and achieve sustained improvements in sales performance and client loyalty. Being able to execute skills well is the difference between average and outstanding performance and being a sales professional versus and order taker or professional visitor.
  4. Value – Create customized, high value and unique value based solutions to become a trusted advisor and strategic partner with your clients rather than just a vendor or supplier. It is your responsibility to effectively explain to your clients what makes you different and more valuable. Today’s more sophisticated and informed clients don’t only need you to explain what do, they want you to add value and improve their situation by challenging, teaching coaching and supporting them to higher levels of success and profitability.


Times have changed. Competition is fiercer and the marketplace is getting more demanding. Clients are smarter and more discerning. Previously successful firms are in survival mode and start-ups are changing the game forever. The key for success in today’s market is the ability to generate business and build a loyal and committed client base. Business development is a process that all professionals must acquire. “Doers” must become “Sellers”.

Old school salespeople who are not in professional services may still be “selling” their clients products and services based on tactics and techniques, however sales professionals, such as engineers, are “leading” their clients to an informed buying decision. They are providing information; solutions; value; peace of mind, and demonstrable results while building long-term relationships.

Clients are motivated to buy when they have a problem that you can solve. They will take action when the value of your solution which includes your people or team, supported by a service culture is evident and you make it “easy” to commit. Having the lowest price is not a guarantee to secure work or win projects.

As a technical professional, the myKISON program will enable you to build value-based, client-centric relationships. By helping a prospective or existing client make an informed decision, both the seller and buyer win. This is very different from the traditional product-focused approach to selling, based solely on features and benefits. In order to achieve success, we must first understand the process of decision making, including the factors of emotion and logic in leading to confident decisions.


The myKISON program will create a common language and framework that will unify your team and create a predictable and positive client experience by having a consistent model and approach that can be utilized by everyone.

Company implemented training programs are effective in developing staff skills and competencies specific to a role or requirements. They can also be a determining factor to increase employee engagement and impact staff retention. Our experience reveals the following outcomes that are tied to employee training:


There is a direct correlation between training and staff loyalty.  Employees that are provided regular opportunities to learn new skills or refine existing abilities reward their employer with increased effort to achieve results. This is a significant factor relating to succession planning and talent retention which is a challenge for most companies.

Increased Competence

Trained employees do a better job.  Poor performance is often the result of staff being too afraid or embarrassed to admit they are not competent and confident in their ability.  Group and individual training provides a level playing field where all staff can learn new approaches and review existing skills.

Increased Confidence

People with a high confidence level are more effective in their roles.  If a person does not believe they are able to stretch and attempt a new approach, they will retreat or remain stuck in their old and often ineffective ways.  A trained employee faced with a situation addressed in a recent learning session is very likely to try a new technique or approach because of his or her confidence in knowing what steps to follow.


Employee engagement is at an all-time low in organizations around the world. Ongoing surveys by the Gallup organization reveal that engaging employees can have a profound impact on profitability, quality products and a building a healthy organizational culture. Training is a key component contributing to higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Team Cohesiveness

Employees that learn together bond and trust each other more.  Place a group of people that work together in a room where they can explore and practice new approaches to everyday issues, and you create opportunities for new levels of contact and connection.  Employees that know and trust each other will go the wall for a colleague to help them succeed or ensure the company is successful and that client’s get the very best level of service.

Improved Recruiting

When considering joining a firm, the prospective employer’s training and development programs can be a key decision for top candidates.  Both internal training and externally funded training can be important enticements to join a firm.

To achieve higher levels of employee engagement, interaction and effectiveness, invest in your most important asset, your people. The results of this commitment will likely not show up on your next quarterly financial statement, however it will have a significant impact on the long-term viability, stability and ROI for your firm.


Everyone sells, every day, all the time. Whether you are choosing which restaurant to go to, where to vacation or what movie to see with your friends, you are selling and trying to get buy-in. Selling is not about manipulation. Done right, selling is a framework for building relationships, improving communication and succeeding in life. Selling is also a key skill to advance your career. Knowing how to position your personal value in terms of your education, experience, achievements and unique talents is how you get a raise and secure new position or role within your firm or get a new job.

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