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myKISON Demo – Go/ No Go Decision Making

Unit 8 | Solution

Go/ No Go Decision Making

The Go / No – Go process is used by organizations to make critical business decisions relating to the strategic fit of products and services, technical capabilities, customer acceptance, market opportunity, and financial performance to name a few. It is also used by some sales professionals to evaluate the risk/reward factor of pursuing a project, facing off with a competitor, pursuing new opportunities for expansion into other markets or areas of business.

Professional services companies such as engineers, construction and consulting firms often have an in-house Go/ No-Go matrix or checklist as a component of their decision making process. This helps makes the process more objective and removes some of the subjectivity and emotions that can cloud thinking and lead to poor decisions that may have negative economic or brand damaging outcomes.

In this video, Ralph discusses where the Go/ No-Go process can be applied within the context of the Sales Diamond™.

There are two critical points at which careful consideration is required – during Earning the Right and while Securing Commitment, or closing the sale. If the answer is “yes’ at both these points the probability of a successful project, contract or sale is very high. If an informed No – Go is the answer, great savings may be realized not to mention avoiding the problems of working on a project or trying to deliver something that was not destined to succeed from the outset.

The Go/ No-Go process is also a sales tool, that when used strategically, assists in creating deeper engagement and discussion with the client, raising fees and improving brand perception.