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Kison Personal Branding™

Learn how to stand out from the crowd, communicate your expertise and create a positive perception in the minds of prospective clients and employers.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1 Welcome / Course Intro
1.2 Kison Personal Branding Overview

Quiz | Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: You As The Product©

2.1 You As The Product© Overview
2.2 An Honest Self-Assessment
2.3 Personal FABs & Value Proposition

Quiz | Unit 2: You As The Product©

Unit 3: Building Your Personal Brand

3.1 Building Your Personal Brand Overview
3.2 Working From Your “Why”
3.3 Overcoming Fear & Self-Limiting Beliefs

Quiz | Unit 3: Building Your Personal Brand

Unit 4: Summary & Next Steps

4.1 Summary Of The Kison Personal Branding Course
4.2 Opportunities For Further Development

Kison Personal Branding Course Completion Survey

“The course was a good mix of video, text and exercises that can easily be completed at your own pace. It really helps you realize what your weaknesses are and that you have to build on your positives and not be afraid of new things to develop into a better person.”
– BM, Senior Hydrogeologist

“A great reminder that we individually have a brand and some great suggestions on how to enhance and attend to it.”
– EP, Principal & CEO


Kison Priority Management™

 Accelerate your career progression and achieve your goals faster with this actionable process for eliminating distractions and focusing on what really matters.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1 Welcome / Course Intro
1.2 Kison Priority Management Overview

Quiz | Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Foundations

2.1 Priority Management Foundations
2.2 Evaluating Your Time Usage
2.3 Setting SMARTER Goals
2.4 The Priority Management Matrix

Quiz | Unit 2: Foundations

Unit 3: Applications

3.1 Priority Management Applications
3.2 The Priority Management Process
3.3 Pursuing Probable & Profitable Opportunities
3.4 Effective Delegation Strategies

Quiz | Unit 3: Applications

Unit 4: Summary & Next Steps

4.1 Summary Of The Kison Priority Management Course
4.2 Opportunities For Further Development

Kison Priority Management Course Completion Survey

“As with all of the courses, the presentation of the material is great, and fillable PDFs/Google files are a great way to begin applying the material!”
– JM, Project Engineer

“I really appreciated that the priority managment points were taught from a business development perspective.”
– MH, General Manager


Kison Business Development

Secure more profitable business with this relationship-based approach to business development that prioritizes long-term success over simply “getting the sale”.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1 Welcome / Course Intro
1.2 Kison Business Development Overview

Quiz | Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Positioning

2.1 Positioning Overview
2.2 Positioning Yourself
2.3 Positioning Your Firm
2.4 Becoming A Strategic Partner

Quiz | Unit 2: Positioning

Unit 3: Lead Generation

3.1 Lead Generation Overview
3.2 Sources Of Business
3.3 Networking Foundations
3.4 Networking Applications

Quiz | Unit 3: Lead Generation

Unit 4: Personal Selling

4.1 Personal Selling Overview
4.2 Proactive vs Reactive Selling
4.3 Engaging Clients More Effectively
4.4 Client Profiling For Personal Sales

Quiz | Unit 4: Personal Selling

Unit 5: Success Strategies

5.1 Success Strategies Overview
5.2 Mindset For Business Development
5.3 Ethics For Business Development
5.4 Obtaining Quality Referrals

Quiz | Unit 5: Success Strategies

Unit 6: Summary & Next Steps

6.1 Summary Of The Kison Business Development Course
6.2 Opportunities For Further Development

Kison Business Development Course Completion Survey

“This course was magnificent and highly applicable to my current position at work. The success strategies and tips for obtaining quality referrals are of high value.”
– JD, Mechanical EIT

“I enjoyed how the course was simplified into the four units. I came into the BD course having no prior knowledge of the BD process and now I have a framework to build onto.”
– VG, Sales & Project Engineer


The Kison Sales Diamond™

Eliminate your fear of selling with this powerful framework that has helped countless salespeople secure hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for their organizations.

Unit 1: Introduction

1.1 Welcome / Course Intro
1.2 Introducing The Sales Diamond
1.3 Overview Of The Sales Diamond Process
1.4 Introducing The Learning Process

Quiz | Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: Engage

2.1 Overview Of Engage
2.2 Defining Your Strategy
2.3 Engaging The Head, Heart, And Gut
2.4 Successful Client Outreach
2.5 Effective Client Meetings
2.6 Learning Process Reflection For Engage

Quiz | Unit 2: Engage

Unit 3: Qualify

3.1 Overview Of Qualify
3.2 Understanding Why Clients Buy
3.3 Qualifying Critical Buying Factors
3.4 The Four Levels Of Client Awareness
3.5 Qualifying With Caution
3.6 Learning Process Reflection For Qualify

Quiz | Unit 3: Qualify

Unit 4: Discover

4.1 Overview Of Discover
4.2 Head, Heart, And Gut Discovery
4.3 Open & Closed Probe Discovery
4.4 The RISCS Discovery Process
4.5 Disengagement Strategies
4.6 Learning Process Reflection For Discover

Quiz | Unit 4: Discover

Unit 5: Solution

5.1 Overview Of Solution
5.2 The FABs Of Your Solution
5.3 The Positioning & VIP Of Your Solution
5.4 Preparing Your Sales Presentation
5.5 Elevating Your Sales Presentation
5.6 Learning Process Reflection For Solution

Quiz | Unit 5: Solution

Unit 6: Alignment

6.1 Overview Of Alignment
6.2 Achieving Alignment
6.3 Confirming Alignment
6.4 Handling Misalignment
6.5 The Final Go/No-Go Decision
6.6 Learning Process Reflection For Alignment

Quiz | Unit 6: Alignment

Unit 7: Commitment

7.1 Overview Of Commitment
7.2 Your Role In Securing Commitment
7.3 The Process Of Securing Commitment
7.4 Asking For A Buying Decision
7.5 Handling A Lack Of Commitment
7.6 Learning Process Reflection For Commitment

Quiz | Unit 7: Commitment

Unit 8: Follow Up

8.1 Overview Of Follow Up
8.2 Why Follow Up Gets Neglected
8.3 Strategies For Following Up
8.4 Obtaining Quality Referrals
8.5 The Lifetime Value Of A Client
8.6 Learning Process Reflection For Follow Up

Quiz | Unit 8: Follow Up

Unit 9: Summary & Next Steps

9.1 Summary Of The Kison Sales Diamond™ Course
9.2 The Diamond Within The Sales Success Plan
9.3 Opportunities For Further Development

The Kison Sales Diamond™ Course Completion Survey

“I feared being too “salesy”, but your course gave me the confidence to treat it as a genuine interaction and an opportunity to help people in the industry – it’s just a bonus that they also become clients.”
– JH, Geophysicist

“The six steps can be learned and carried out and then iterated to improve. Makes me think that the ‘black magic’ perspective of generating sales and business is attainable by an introvert like me. Thanks!”
– RB, Senior Mechanical Engineer

What Our Students Are Saying

"I would highly recommend this program"

“I want to thank you for the quality and insightful material. The content was very well structured and presented, and I found it very easy to apply the lessons to a variety of real work situations even for non-sales applications. I would highly recommend this program to any professionals at any stage of their career regardless of their position.”

– JB, Project Engineer, EIT

"The value I got from this course paid for itself immediately"

“I highly recommend this course! Ralph is an outstanding presenter and teacher. The value I got from this course paid for itself immediately.”

– BH, Mechanical Engineering Lead

"Exactly what I needed"

“I have always seen sales as a bit of a dirty word and a mysterious practice that at times can prey on the client. I was glad to see that there is another way and that I don’t need to change myself to become one of those salespeople if what I have to offer is of true value to the prospective client. Moreover, I have always struggled with where to start when approaching business development and having a framework to hang to is exactly what I needed.”

– SW, Project Engineer

"Your program stands head and shoulders above them all"

“Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to get sales training from a number of 3rd party organizations. Your program stands head and shoulders above them all. The Sales Diamond approach is something I plan to leverage consistently. The Personal Branding training program has been extremely valuable too. Having the opportunity to go through all of the courses together has resulted in a massive impact. Thank you.”


"Genuine enthusiasm for helping people succeed"

“I’ve enjoy having Ralph as a teacher. He comes across as someone with integrity, a depth of knowledge and practical experience, and genuine enthusiasm for helping people succeed.”

– GL, Senior Project Architect

Meet Your Instructor

Ralph Kison

Founder & President,
Growth Through Learning


Ralph is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Marketing and Sales Management Program. He is also a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) and Certified Sales Executive (CSE).

Teaching Background

Ralph has taught professional sales courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), as well as for Sales and Marketing Executives International of Vancouver (SMEI).

Professional Experience

In addition to his work expanding the Academy, Ralph also serves as President of Kison Inc, where he’s helped individuals and organizations achieve their goals faster through a mix of coaching, training, consulting and strategic planning services for the past 30 years.

Ralph is also a past President of Sales and Marketing Executives International of Vancouver (SMEI) and past President of the Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services of Vancouver (CSMPS)

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